Organization for Road Safety

Our Aim

Why us

Almost every day, a severe and fatal accident jeopardizes our valuable life and property. As a result, general public, Government and all the concerned authorities are equally active to relieve the horrified people from the stress of traffic jam and road accidents. But how can it be achieved? The incompetence of the drivers, their ignorance about traffic rules, the weaknesses of the BRTA and the law enforcement authorities, or the reluctance of the car owners, no matter what we point our fingers to, we cannot be relieved from this hell-like road if we cannot improve on the aspects like drivers’ skills, their remuneration, respect and awareness.

What we want to achieve

We want to develop some conscientious, law abiding and self-respectful drivers by providing the vehicle drivers with proper and effective training. Conducting and undertaking humanitarian charitable program for effective & permanent improvement and participate in development and research program for social welfare and community-based development.